Since you’re on our website reading this…

...then you’re either trying to sell or buy a home.

Because if you’re trying to sell your home?                                              

Then you’re sick of fielding yet another disappointing call from your realtor with a much-too-low offer, asking yourself again and again “why won’t this house just sell?”, or putting your life on hold for yet another unannounced home tour and/or unproductive Open House.

And if you’re trying to buy a home?       

 Then you’re discouraged by the struggle to qualify for a mortgage loan (even if you know you can afford monthly home payments), feel stuck renting in a place where you must follow the whims of your landlord, or wonder if you’ll ever have a place that you and your family can truly call your own.

And worse yet? Traditional forms of selling & buying homes, like turning to realtors or attempting to sell on your own (FSBO), often don’t produce your desired results.

Buying and selling homes on terms (i.e., Lease Purchase or Owner Financing) has been around for decades. And in 2017, Bright Property Solutions’ founders became part of a national group of investors who focused on providing solutions that would help home sellers and home buyers at the same time.

And thus, Bright Property Solutions was created to serve the needs of both sellers and buyers in the DC/Baltimore Metro areas.

With our 3-step Lease Purchase Program for sellers and Rent-to-Own Program for buyers, we help sellers sell their homes and buyers get into a home with a simple and effective solution that helps both sides at once.

So whether you’re a seller who needs to get your home sold and can’t just keep lowering your price, or you’re a buyer who has been turned down for a mortgage loan but still wants to get into your dream home, Bright Property Solutions can help!

Nope, we aren’t realtors!

We are real estate investors who buy and sell homes throughout the DC/Baltimore Metro areas.

What this means is that we acquire 4 - 6 homes each month from home sellers who are either struggling to sell their homes or have become disenchanted with their current process, and then we install a prequalified rent-to-own buyer in them who we work with directly to qualify for their mortgage loan.

So if you’re a home seller who works with us…. won’t have to pay realtor fees or commission. will sell at full market value and lock your price in today. can get your home sold quickly (we often find the right qualified lease purchase buyer in 30-90 days).

And if you’re a home buyer who works with us…. can still move into your dream home even if you can’t qualify for a loan today. will lock in a price today for a purchase in 12-36 months will receive direct guidance and credit consulting to ensure you accomplish your goal of homeownership.

Our Story

Joanne_headshot (1).jpg

Bright Property Solutions was started by Bill Reich and Joanne Zaytoun—2 entrepreneurs with a combined 40+ years of real estate experience—and both of whom have personally dealt with the struggles of buying and selling homes themselves!

Bright Property Solutions helps all those disillusioned and disappointed with the traditional methods of buying or selling a home. Today, we are a part of a growing national family of real estate investors who help sellers get their homes sold and renters become owners through our programs.

We cover the DC/Baltimore area and collectively we’ve completed 600+ of these types of transactions around the country.

And over the course of these 600+ transactions, we’ve had great results!

From Nathalie, a home seller who worked with a realtor

for a year with no luck, yet had a signed contract

in just 90 days of working with Bright Property Solution:

“I was going to move for work and like everyone I had hired a real estate agent to sell my house. Well, my house sat on the market for about a year and didn’t get any buyer interest - and I was getting frustrated.

I got a phone call from Bright Property Solutions and got connected to Bill. I was skeptical at first, but agreed to a sit down.

[After talking with Bill], I left my agent and decided to go the rent-to-own route. Within 90 days, we had a signed lease purchase agreement in hand just as Bill had promised!”
— Nathalie D., Home Seller in the Charles County Area

To Matt, a home buyer who was able to move

his family into dream home faster

than he ever thought possible thanks to Bright Property Solutions:

“When my wife showed me the ad [from Bright Property Solutions] for a house in the neighborhood we were dreaming about moving into in a couple of years, we were intrigued by the rent-to-own program because I thought it was only used for lower-end properties. And though this property was definitely not a lower-priced home in the Arlington area, we felt it was reasonably priced and merited a look.

The process for qualifying and proceeding toward a quick occupancy date couldn’t have been smoother...and we’re now living in our beautiful home and expect to close on the purchase within the next 12 months. Thanks to Bill and Bright Property Solutions for getting us into our dream home far earlier than we expected!”
— Matt G., Home Buyer in the Arlington area

If you’re a seller who wants to get your home sold quickly at full market value, or you’re a buyer who wants to get your family into a home even if you can’t qualify for a loan today, book a free consultation call below.