You could have your house sold at full market value in as little as 90 days

Far too many people believe selling a home needs to be a neverending, pull-out-your-hair type of experience. And that’s because traditional ways of selling a home can be exactly that.

But Bright Property Solutions provides home sellers a more profitable and effective way to sell.

With the Bright Property Solutions’ Lease Purchase Program, we contract with you directly to help you get your home sold -- often within 90 days, at full market value & without the usual buyer discounts or realtor commissions that shrink your equity.

So you can stop losing sleep over those double mortgage payments, hanging up the phone after yet another disappointing call from your realtor, dealing with surprise (and constant) “oh, can we just take a peek at your house -- we saw the sign?” knocks on your door, or having to pack up the family and vacate your home for an Open House.


Our 3-step Lease Purchase Program has helped 600+ people across the country sell their homes. Here’s how:

Step 1


We meet with you and visit your house to see if there’s a good fit.

If there is, we enter into a lease-purchase agreement with you while we lease your home for an agreed-upon period (and with a set date for closing). We guarantee a closing on or before that date.



We go out to a large pool of potential pre-qualified buyers, and secure the ideal tenant-buyer for your house, and then enter into a lease-purchase agreement with them.

We do this without charging any commission or realtor fees.



With the perfect tenant-buyer in place, we are 100% responsible for your home and handle everything (including paying your mortgage, utilities, repairs, and maintenance) for the term of the lease.

On or before the lease is up, the tenant-buyer closes on the purchase and you receive your house’s full market value at closing, guaranteed.

“I was going to move for work and like everyone, I had hired a real estate agent to sell my house. Well, my house sat on the market for about a year, and didn’t get any buyer interest – and I was getting frustrated. I got a phone call from Bright Property Solutions and got connected to Bill. I was skeptical at first, but agreed to a sit down.

Bill explained the process in detail and answered all my questions and was very helpful and patient. I left my agent and decided to go the rent-to-own route. Within 90 days, we had a signed lease/purchase agreement in hand as Bill had promised!”
— -Nathalie D., Home Seller in the Charles County Area


Since we aren’t real estate agents or mortgage bankers, you won’t pay fees or commissions from the sale of your home. Which means 100% of the sale of your home goes straight back to you and into your pocket at closing.


We take on all responsibility while you’re waiting to cash out

While you’re waiting to cash out at closing, we are fully responsible for all payments during the rental period. This includes your mortgage payments, maintenance, repairs, taxes, and more. In other words, you can move on with your life while we take care of your house.


Say goodbye to open houses and unannounced house visitors

Each person we send to see your home will be prequalified before they enter your home. In many cases, we will secure a tenant-buyer after their first home visit. And since we engage with a much wider pool of prospective homeowners than realtors do (4X larger), we’re often able to do this in 90 days or less.

“I received a call from Bill after I withdrew my house from the market in December. Although my realtor had been unsuccessful in finding a buyer up to that point, I had planned to list it again after the winter months since “that’s just the way you sell a house.”

But after speaking with Bill, I decided to work with Bright Property Solutions during the “off” months since they were promising our full market value with no deduction for commissions. Bill carefully explained their entire rent-to-own process and I decided it was worth a shot.

They delivered what they promised! Within exactly 3 months from the time we signed the agreement, our house was under contract at full price and will be occupied by a great young family in the coming weeks. I’m so grateful we no longer have to pay two mortgages!!

……….I went from skeptical to a true believer, and I would happily use Bill and his team again. Thank you all!!
— -Anna C., Home Seller in the Columbia, MD Area

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